Babington in the Winter.....

I have been shooting at the fabulous Babington House now for over 13 years and it never ceases to amaze or surprise me at every wedding. On average I shoot around 6-9 Babington Weddings per year, from the spring through Summer to Autumn & Winter.

I would say that Babington is a venue for all seasons but as a photographer I am very aware of what you need to be able to do in the Winter as compared to the Summer.

In the Summer Babington is in it’s full splendour with the grounds being utilised to the max. There is plenty of time for pictures as the light doesn’t disappear until 10pm! In the winter months it is just as magical but takes on a different persona, with candles everywhere and a more cosy shadowy vibe. With most chapel weddings taking place at 4-4.30pm this means that in the darker months , especially after the clocks have changed ( the last Sunday in October). That the light will most likely just be enough to get you to the church but will be dark on the way out.

So when choosing a photographer whether at Babington or not it is vital that they know how to handle the darkness!

From shooting group shots & posed shots to dancing and speeches. All sometimes with the use of flash. So make sure that you ask to see some examples of these kind of images to make sure that they can capture every moment no matter how dark! I have years of experience in handling any kind of light. From coming out of the church into total darkness to candlelit ceremonies and group shots inside no moment is missed.

The images below are all examples of Babington weddings from the back end of September to December.